Fresh Start Ministries has a contract with the State Dept. of Corrections to be a Faith-Based Substance Abuse Transitional Housing facility. (Contract No. C2673)

If you are currently in a Florida State Prison on drug related charges and are soon to be released and you are interested in coming to Fresh Start here are some things you should know:


Fresh Start Ministries (FSM) is a twelve month, 68 bed, faith based, residential facility located in Orlando serving males 18 years of age and older since 1986. It is designed to provide professional services for the painful and self-defeating cycle of alcoholism, substance abuse and other life-controlling problems.

The clients live on the property, find and work a full-time job during the day, while receiving classes, counseling and substance abuse recovery in the evenings, five nights per week. Fresh Start is a “faith-based” program designed to help men build a personal relationship with God while receiving help with their recovery process.

Program Design:

  • To heal men who are damaged by addiction or other life-controlling problems by implementing a Christ centered 12-Step program. Using the principles of discipleship, FSM introduces the redemptive love of God, thereby producing new attitudes from which generate new functional behaviors.
  • Fresh Start also helps the substance abuser treat the consequences of the addiction such as poor health, collapsed finances and damaged relationships.
  • Clients will receive curriculum that will help re-align negative character flaws into positive, producing a productive, meaningful life. Many issues & treatments are customized for each man so that their program is targeted to their personal problem areas.
  • FSM prepares the client to become a responsible member of society by teaching them a new way of life. Since Fresh Start is a working program it enables the men to build a savings account, which we encourage so that upon graduation they will have the funds necessary for expenses such as rent, utilities or car payments which teaches budgeting and provides a foundation for independent living.

Our residential facility is located in the College Park area of Orlando and houses up to sixty eight (68) men. The clients live comfortably in a beautiful 17,000 square foot facility.


To be considered as a client the inmate must first thoroughly read the rules, regulations and policies of Fresh Start Ministries that is included in the information pamphlet that the Release Officers have available. The inmate needs to state that he fully understands the rules and will adhere to them to the best of his ability. This is a very structured program with high levels of accountability for the purpose of helping a man change.

The next step is then the phone interview; 30 to 45 days prior to release, each inmate needs to contact his classification officer or Chaplin to set up a time that he can have access to the telephone for 30-45 minutes (to keep it closer to 30mins have the inmate read our Quick Facts sheet to save us from explaining to him the whole program in detail. At this time it will be determined whether or not the inmate will be accepted into the program and whether their will be bed availability at the time of his release. The interview is designed to determine how serious the person is about their recovery and if this program is suited to their needs. Admittance into FSM is based solely upon management’s discretion. FSM has the right to refuse treatment to anyone. However, FSM’s goal is to give help to those who are ready and willing to receive it. However, we do not want to jeopardize other residents who are serious about their program. CALL 407 293-3822 Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30.

Program Fee:

In society the cost of maintaining a client in a residential facility can range from $200 to $1,000.00 per day. It costs almost $27,000.00 a year to jail an addict and that does not include any type of treatment. At Fresh Start D.O.C. clients are responsible to pay a program fee of $132.30 per week. The Department of Corrections will supplement the remainder of their program fee. (this rate adjusts up slightly every July)

This fee covers program related counseling, classes and materials. Housing, utilities and meals are also included. The only additional money needed would be for laundry & bus transportation.